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Jun 29, 2017 ·   Website

When you click on the TOURNAMENTS button in the navigation bar above, you'll have the option to pick between 50's Division and 60's Division.  Then, you'll see the schedule for that division for the entire year.  As we have information for each month's tournament, we will post it on that month's tournament page.  We have decided to post info for the June 2017 tournaments, and all months going forward.  We will not have a page for tournaments for January-May 2017.  If you need to see how teams did for a previous month, just look at the current Points Totals, which shows how many points every team received for each month.  If you're unsure how our Points work, please review that article in our FHC News Blog.


 Tres Fenton

Duane, If you click the month on the main tournament page, you'll be taken to a page that gives all the details for that tournament. This includes the Brackets & Results module. I add the Brackets as soon as I receive them from the Board, and then the Results go on the same module within a day or 2 after the tournament.
Jul 17, 2017   09:09pm

How come I can't find the Team List for the July 50s tournament?
Jul 17, 2017   03:30pm


Website looks great
Jul 11, 2017   02:40pm


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