FHCASA Playing Rules and Bylaws

Jun 29, 2017 ·   Website

While we have the Playing Rules and Bylaws posted as a drop-down choice under the ABOUT tab in the navigation, these are best saved and/or viewed on your laptop or desktop computers.  They are both PDF files which cannot be made "responsive" in the new design.  If viewing these two items on your smartphone, you will have to enlarge each to be able to read them.

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 Rich Park

New 1 pitch rules are a joke and definitely rigged for the hitters by the hitters. What was wrong with the old 1 pitch rules - at least it was fair for the pitchers and the batters. For the pitcher to throw a good 1st pitch and have the batter foul it off and then give the batter another chance is pure BS!! It's hard enough to be a successful 1 pitch pitcher without awarding the batter a "DO OVER" when he screws up and can't keep it fair. Let's go back to the real "1 Pitch". Don't let the batter mafia rule the game. Was told this rule change was voted upon - BUT my coach never heard of any voting. Sorta like the change to make the pitcher have a foot on the rubber. Another batter gripe?????
Jul 10, 2017   07:49pm


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