Brackets & Results module added to website!

Jul 10, 2017 ·   Website

Florida Creative has added their new Brackets & Results module to the website, which will now allow players and coaches to quickly view their team's bracket opponents and the tournament results after the weekend of play.  Just click on the 50's Division June 2017 tournaemnt or 60's Division July 2017 tournament to view this new feature.

The winning team from each bracket has a trophy icon next to its name, and their box is highlighted in yellow.  Here's how it looks...


 Tres Fenton

Thanks, Rick! I'm working with the Board to add other new features that you'll hopefully like also!
Jul 17, 2017   09:01pm

 Rick Johnson

You guys are doing a great job with this website!!!!!
Jul 13, 2017   02:52am


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